Saturday, August 9, 2008

One down, seven to go!!!

Michael Phelps has done it again... He just won his 1St gold medal of these 2008 Beijing Olympics and his 7Th gold medal of his unbelievable Olympics swimming career. Phelps needs to win 7 more gold medals to become the greatest Olympian swimmer in Olympics history breaking the total gold medal mark of Mark Spitz record of 7 gold medals in one Olympic game. He has many more races to achieve that mark. Michael just fell short at the 2004 Athens Olympics on tying Mark Spitz 7 gold medal record with 6 of his own. Now Michael Phelps is eyeing 8 gold medals at these Beijing Olympics to set a new gold medal record. Get're done Michael!!! The whole world will be watching...

Until my next post, thanks for reading, and keep sports on your mind.

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