Friday, July 18, 2008

Triple A All-Star week update!

Well I just wanted to let you all know that I had a great 3 days worth of All-Star activities... The Triple A Home Run Derby was good but not great. It didn't even come even close to how great the MLB Home Run Derby was. For those of you that watched Monday nights MLB Home Run Derby, you know what I'm talking about. Two words; Josh Hamilton!!! The most total home runs in the Triple A Home Run Derby by one hitter were only 3. It goes to show you the caliber of talent and power from Triple A to the major leagues.

Anyways, Wednesday nights Triple A All-star game was quite boring up until about the 6Th inning. The Triple A All-Star pitchers were dominating the hitters on both teams for the first 6 innings which was why the score stayed at 0-0 up until the 7Th inning. That's when we actually started seeing the hitters move base runners around and eventually score. The 9Th inning was incredible for both team as far as the hitting was concerned, that's when most of runs for both teams were scored. The PCL (Pacific Coast League) scored all their runs in the top of the 9Th inning to take the lead and pull out the victory Wednesday night 6-5. The IL (International League) was leading 2-0 up until the top of the 9Th inning but couldn't stop the PCL from scoring 6 runs. The IL did make the game very interesting in the bottom of the 9Th inning when there was a 450 foot 2 run homer blasted over the center field fence making the game 6-4 but the IL fell short in the end. All in all the Triple A All-Star game was a success and great to watch in person.

I did get to sit and eat lunch with one of the All-Star outfielders at the luncheon I went to Wednesday afternoon. His name was Brent Clevlen and plays for the Toledo MudHens. The Toledo MudHens are affiliated with the Detroit Tigers. Brent Clevlen was called up to the Tigers briefly and played a game or two and then was sent back down to Toledo. It was nice to meet him and I hope he has big success in the years to come with either the Toledo MudHens and even better the Detroit Tigers or some other MLB team...

Also at the luncheon there was a special guest speakers, in which some of you may have heard of. He went by the title of, "The Golden Boy" The great Paul Hornung! A 1985 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee! Remember, the Green Bay Packers? He brought a great message to the luncheon and he's a wonderful inspirational man. That was a great and memorable luncheon I was able to talk part in.

One other thing I would like to share is that I was able to see the one and only, the mascot among mascot's, the famous one, The San Diego Chicken. He was at the game that night putting on a great show... Lol!!!

Until my next post, thanks for reading, and keep sports on your mind.

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