Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2008 MLB All-Star Game bound!!!

That's right, I'm dreaming! I wish I was going to Yankee Stadium in New York City to watch all those great all-star athletes playing in the MLB All-Star Game and also known as the "Midsummer Classic" this year. But I'm not! Instead I'll be going to watch the next best thing in that sport, and that is the Triple A All-Star Game right across the bridge from my home in Louisville Kentucky at Louisville Slugger Field in just two short weeks.

It's so great that Louisville is hosting the Triple A All-Star Game this year. What is even more great about that, is that I get to be there in person, and for free. Not only do I get to be at the Triple A All-Star Game, I'm going to be at the Triple A Home Run Derby and have a luncheon with the Triple A All-Star players as well. Did I mention all that is free??? Oh yeah, I did! So even though the Triple A All-Star game won't be as exciting as if I was at the MLB All-Star Game, I will still have a lot of fun in those three days leading up to the Triple A All-Star Game.

Monday July 14Th I will be watching the Triple A Home Run Derby. Tuesday July 15Th I will be eating lunch with the Triple A All-Star players and then come home that same evening and watch the awesome MLB All-Star Game on TV. Then on Wednesday July 16Th I will be entertained by the Triple A All-Star Game that evening. Those will be three exciting days in the world of sports for me. I'll take pictures and let you know how everything went after it's all said and done.

Oh by the way, Louisville's Triple A baseball team, if you don't know already are called the Louisville Bats and they are the farm team for the Cincinnati Reds.

Until my next post, thanks for reading, and keep sports on your mind.

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