Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Beijing 2008!!! Here we come!

44 days and counting until the opening ceremonies of the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing will be underway. I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to it. I love watching both the winter and summer Olympics. It's a great and exciting time in sports.

I do feel that the United States will win the summer Olympics again this year. The United States just have so many great athletes in most of the summer Olympic sports to not win the overall medal count. I see the United States definitely bringing home a gold medal in basketball. That's really a no brainer on that prediction since we have so many great NBA stars playing in the Olympics for us in basketball. It's basically always been a dream team for the united States in that Olympic sport since the Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson era.

I also see the great swimmer in Michael Phelps winning a few Gold medals for the United States again and maybe our woman's gymnastics team winning another for the United States. So on and so on!

The United States have won more medals at the summer Olympics than any other country, with a combined medal count of 2,189. Wow, that's a lot of medals. 895 gold, 692 silver, and 602 bronze, and I see our athletes winning a lot more for us this summer.

For those of you that don't know, the Summer Olympic sports consist of, archery, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, boxing, canoe/kayak, cycling, diving, equestrian, fencing, field hockey, gymnastics, handball, judo, modern pentathlon (shooting, fencing, swimming, show jumping, and running), mountain biking, rowing, sailing, shooting, soccer, swimming, synchronized swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, track and field, triathlon (swimming, biking, running), volleyball, water polo, weightlifting, and wrestling. Man that was a mouthful of sports to type!!! I wore out just typing the sports! Lol!

Well I'll talk more about the Olympics when they get underway. Go United States!!! Win, win, win!

Until my next post, thanks for reading, and keep sports on your mind.

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Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

And I guess I'll be watching them right beside you! At least I like some of the competitive categories in the summer Olympics!