Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Brown!!!

No, I'm not referring to UPS! I'm referring to the awesome racing horse in Big Brown. I'm sure you have heard about him by now. Big Brown is the young thoroughbred racing for the Triple Crown in the upcoming Belmont Stakes race on June 7Th. After Big Brown won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness in convincing fashion he has now captivated the horse racing world and all eyes are now on the arrogant horse.

Big Brown took charge in the first race of the Triple Crown in Kentucky and won by 4 3/4 lenghts then triumphed his way to win the Preakness by 5 1/4 lenghts. He looks unstoppable, unbeatable, and is showing no signs of letting up either. We have the true making of a Triple Crown winner in Big Brown this year. Many other horses have given the Triple Crown a run for it's money in recent years but have fallen short in the end. The last Triple Crown winner takes us all the way back 30 years ago to 1978 when Affirmed won the crown.

The horse racing world is in dire need of a hero this year and Big Brown could be our hero. I would love to see the young horse pull it off myself. Horse racing is over due for a Triple Crown winner. If I were to put my money on the horse to win the Belmont Stakes this year, I would definitely and no question place it on Big Brown, hands down. I wouldn't want to bet against him that's for sure. Would you? I truly believe Big Brown knows that he will win the crown this year just by the way he flaunts his power. Big Brown doesn't want to lose and he has what it takes to win every race he races.

It will be a breath of fresh air to see Big Brown cross the finish line with the rest of the pack collecting his dust on their faces. You know, we may very well be witnessing the most talented horse that has ever raced for the Triple Crown this year in Big Brown, so don't miss it.

I'll be watching, will you?

Until my next post, thanks for reading, and keep sports on your mind.

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