Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Yep, they did it, the Memphis Tigers blew it and the Kansas Jayhawks won the 2008 men's National Championship last night in a thriller comeback. One of the best comebacks, in I would say, sports history. The Memphis Tigers realistically should have won the Championship but it's not over until the last horn blows and the Kansas Jayhawks prevailed once that horn blew. The Memphis Tigers gave the Jayhawks all they wanted in that game as I expected. I could also say that the Kansas Jayhawks gave Memphis all they wanted, but more. I was happy to see the game a competitive game all in all. Unfortunately I wasn't able to see all the comeback and eventual win by the Jayhawks in overtime last night because I had to pick my mother up from the airport during the last 5 minutes of regulation and into overtime. I haven't seen my mother in 10 years, so I would say that picking up my mother was definitely more important than seeing the end of that exciting game last night. Yes, I would have loved to see the Jayhawks comeback from a 9 point deficit with 2:12 left of the game but I had to do what I had to do. Bummer for me missing the end!!! All I know is when I left for the airport Memphis was winning.

The way I found out who won before I got home was because, well, remember my sister Star that I told you in my last post was a die hard Jayhawks fan, yeah she called me and rubbed it in. She yelled out, "Rock Chalk Jayhawks baby!!!" I'm happy for her, now that March Madness is all over, I'm glad her team pulled it off. Way to go Star and Kansas Jayhawks for winning your 3RD National Championship in school history.

Now, Kansas Jayhawks, find a way to keep coach Bill Self there at Kansas. PAY HIM!!!

Until my next post, thanks for reading, and keep sports on your mind.

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