Sunday, April 6, 2008


Please pardon my unpredictability!!! I guess that is what makes me human... I'm talking about me predicting that the North Carolina Tar Heels would win the NCAA men's National Championship this year. Yeah I just didn't get it right, or I could say that the Tar Heels just didn't play up to their potential last night. All I can say about the game last night is this; the North Carolina Tar Heels got an old fashion butt whooping handed to them last night.

The Kansas Jayhawks battled an (arguably) more talented, harder-working and flat out overall better team, so it seemed up until last night. The Jayhawks reversed the script on the Tar Heels last night by becoming what the Tar Heels were all season long to other teams. The Jayhawks out worked the Tar Heels, out hustled the Tar Heels and just obviously out played the Tar Heels last night. The game was a miserable blow out most of the first half and in the second half when the Tar Heels tried to make a historical comeback the Jayhawks kept their composure and just played along and eventually wore down the Tar Heels. The Tar Heels unfortunately dug themselves in a deep hole they couldn't climb out of, it's as simple as that.

Well I suppose that I'll sum it all up with this; the Kansas Jayhawks were the better team last night and they are moving on to play the Memphis Tigers in Monday night's National Championship game.

I do want to point this out to you all though, I did say something in one of my previous posts right before I said I'm going to pick the North Carolina Tar Heels to win the National Championship this year, and that was, that the Kansas Jayhawks would be my second pick to win it all this year, so I guess I'm not completely in left field about who might win it all. Give me a little credit!!!

Yeah I'm going to root for the Kansas Jayhawks Monday night and see if they can win the National Championship for the first time since 1988. I just think they have what it takes, especially the way they are playing ball right now. I do believe we should expect to see a very competitive game though, because the Memphis Tigers are not going to be push around, at least they shouldn't, unless they play the way the Tar Heels played last night. I don't think that will happen though.

My sister Star is soaking it up right now I'm sure, she lives in Kansas City Missouri and she loves the Jayhawks so at least I know there is one person out there that is jumping for joy right now and will be even more when the Jayhawks are National Champions Monday night.

Way to go, win it all, Rock Chalk Jayhawks!!!

Until my next post, thanks for reading, and keep sports on your mind.

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Star Thompson said...

ROCK CHALK JAYHAWKS BABY!!!! I can't wait for tonight!! My biggest fear is that they have let this go to their head, if so we will be in a world of hurt, but I hope I'm wrong. GO JAYHAWKS!!