Sunday, March 23, 2008


So far there has been a few good upsets in the men's NCAA tournament. For starters, San Diego who? San Diego upseters that's who, shot their way past Connecticut to beat the Huskies in the 1ST round. Then came the 2ND round collision with the West Virginia Mountaineers having to tackle a very strong contender in the Duke Blue Devils. Of course the Duke Blue Devils were favored and should have won but the West Virginia Mountaineers had other things in mind. The Mountaineers knocked off the favored Blue Devils in a brawl putting in motion another upset in the men's 2008 NCAA tournament.

The way the Duke Blue Devils played in the 1ST round of the tournament against the 15TH seed Belmont it's no wonder West Virginia was able to upset Duke in the 2ND round. Duke squeaked out a victory against Belmont by one measly point and was highly favored to win the game. It goes to show you that on any given day any team has the ability to defeat a great team given the chance.

Now let me talk about one of the highly favored teams to win the National Championship this year. I'm talking about the UCLA Bruins. Yeah the Bruins were able to stomp a mud hole into their 1ST round contender in Mississippi Valley State and that they should have, but how about their next contender. I wanted so badly to see Texas A&M Shut the door on the UCLA Bruins National Championship hopes last night and give the tournament the biggest upset of its short lifespan. Unfortunately Texas A&M just couldn't finish the Bruins in the end. Texas A&M had plenty of chances to make UCLA shed tears last night but the more talented team prevailed. In all reality the UCLA Bruins should certainly be at home right now watching the rest of the 2008 NCAA tournament on their personal TV'S. I'm sure the Bruins hearts were in their throats most of the game last night.

I just don't see UCLA winning the National Championship this year especially since they have limited offensive power. Their defense has kept them in games and in my opinion has won them games most of the season. That's what did it for them last night because their offense obviously as always wasn't there. I didn't like UCLA to win the National Championship this year and I still don't. Where are all those UCLA riders? Do you think they can still win it all this year after seeing what or should I say what they didn't do last night? I guess don't jump off the wagon yet, UCLA is still in the mix. Barely!...

OK so who is going to be today's upset? The Louisville Cardinals? Or maybe it will be the Texas Longhorns. No I got it, the Memphis Tigers. Hey you know, the Butler Bulldogs could find a way to give the Tennessee Vols a sour taste in their mouths today. Well if there is going to be an upset it's going to have to be one of those 4 teams that goes down in flames because there isn't anyone going to subdue the North Carolina Tar Heels this year. There isn't an upset coming against them. That's a fact!!! Well, OK, at least as long as the man, Tyler Hansbrough doesn't get injured. Let me just go ahead and show you what the news papers will say after the National Championship game is over. The papers will read;

MVP Tyler Hansbrough!!!

Sounds good, right? Well, At least for me it does, mainly because I've picked them from the beginning of the tournament to win it all, and with that said I just hope they don't let me down. If they do, well, I have a lot of explaining to do but I'm confident they will pull through.

Enjoy watching the games!!!

Until my next post, thanks for reading, and keep sports on your mind.

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