Saturday, March 22, 2008


1,2,3 strikes your out at the old ball game!!! Opening Day for MLB is upon us. All those baseball players will be pulling up their socks and tying on their cleats. This coming Tuesday March 25TH the Boston Red Sox will battle the Oakland Athletics in that's right, Japan. Boston's ace pitcher Josh Beckett was slated to open the season for the Boston Red Sox in Japan until he went down with back spasms so Boston moved their pitching rotation up and that allowed for the perfect replacement to be pitched by Japan's native (AKA) Daisuke Matsuzaka. In my opinion Daisuke Matsuzaka Should have pitched the opening game in Japan anyways. It's just a perfect scenario for Dice K. that couldn't have worked out any better.

So who is your pick for World Series Champions this year? I know the season hasn't even officially started yet but it's never too soon to make your prediction. Well I'll give you mine. I'm going to have to go with, let's see here now, do I want to pick the New York Mets or the Boston Red Sox? Or maybe I want to go with the San Diego Padres. The Philadelphia Phillies look solid and so does the Milwaukee Brewers. Oh and those always good New York Yankees let me not forget about them. Well after all that said my pick to win the World Series this year is the Detroit Tigers. That's right I said the Detroit Tigers!!!... I just like what the Tigers bring to the table in overall talent this year. They have behind the plate this springs red hot Ivan Rodriguez, slugger Carlos Guillen playing 1ST base, never striking out Placido Polanco at 2ND, ever faithful Edgar Renteria handling SS, the mighty young slugger Miguel Cabrera holding down 3RD base, the hitting pro Magglio Ordonez tracking flies out in right field, the speedster Curtis Granderson in Center and a little less talented Jacque Jones picking up left Field. Oh yeah and the Tigers have the quick bat and home run power of Gary Sheffield in the DH spot.

Now the Detroit Tigers pitching staff doesn't leave much to be desired though. But with their potent offense and their veteran pitching staff they will find ways to win and I mean win a lot of games to become World Series Champions this year. Detroit's pitcher Justin Verlander will have a breakout year and become a true ace on their team. He has good stuff and a high strikeout rate.

So tell me that the Detroit Tigers don't have a very good chance to win it all this year and I'll tell you that you are crazy.

Have a good season players!!!

Until my next post, thanks for reading, and keep sports on your mind.

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