Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'm referring to March Madness for all of those of you that love college basketball. In 3 days the Madness begins to start. The 65 teams get established and the seedings are set in place. The Madness fans soon after start filling out their NCAA brackets and pick the teams they feel will win it all. Some die hard college fans even fill out a woman's NCAA college tournament bracket like me. The #1 seeds play the #16 seeds, #2 seeds play the #15 seeds and so on. Now if you are a college basketball fan then more than likely you have a favorite college team that you hope and pray is good enough to receive a tournament bid. Unfortunately sometimes your favorite team isn't good enough to make the big dance so NCAA stepped in to give those misfit teams that couldn't quite make the dance another chance to still feel like they are winners by giving them the National Invitation Tournament (NIT) while the Big Dance is being played too.

Most people don't even pay much or any attention to the NIT while it's being played because, well, they are the misfit teams. There is something I would love to see though. I would love to watch the Champion of the NIT play the Champion of the NCAA tournament. I predict that would generate some good money and a lot of viewers. Kinda like if the NBA would team up with NCAA and put together an exhibition game representing the NBA's worst record team with the NCAA's basketball champion team. Another thought would be if the NFL would team up with NCAA football and put together an exhibition game at the end of the NFL season that represents the NFL's worst record team against the National Champion of college football. Wouldn't that be something? How many of you would watch that? I'm sure all sports fans would check that out, well at least the first year they put something like that together. Now that may only be a trial basis thing because the NBA and NFL teams may just whoop up on the best college teams in reality but what if it's the other way around. Hum, food for thought, right?

Anyways, not to get off the March Madness subject but I just wanted to throw that in there and get your minds thinking outside the box a little. Well who will when it all this year? Kansas or North Carolina? Duke or Tennessee? UCLA or Memphis? Or Rick Pitino's Louisville Cardinals or Texas. Maybe you may think it will be none of those teams I just posted. Your the one who will be playing your bracket so you choose. Remember it's one and down though!!! My pick to win it all this year is going to be the North Carolina Tar Heels. Kansas is my runner up though. But I have to give the edge to North Carolina because, well, they have Tyler Hansbrough, enough said. He Will show off during the NCAA tournament that's a fact.

Well pick wisely and just go with whatever your heart tells you to. They say the heart never lies to you, or does it?

Until my next post, thanks for reading, and keep sports on your mind.


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I pick the dolphins and red sox! Even though I am no sports fan, I know those are football and baseball! Geez! Love what your doing, honey!! Keep up the good work and before long, somebody other than your wife will comment!

I love you!

Star Thompson said...

Rock Chalk Jayhawks BABY!!

lana said...

nice looking blog! shannon gave you the blogging bug...i got it too....
sorry - but by marriage i MUST and allways BE a UK and Steelers fan! this comes from the lady that couldn't have a red couch in the house 'cause it was RED and not blue!