Tuesday, March 11, 2008

King James!!!

Wow, I'm just amazed at the raw talent that LeBron James has been displaying this year in the NBA. Koby Bryant has been called Superman throughout the years but I believe that LeBron is about to rip Koby's cape off his back. Superman is an understatement to what LeBron has been doing this year. His stats are off the charts. Lately he has just become ridiculous and has just been on a tear. No one can stop him in any category. I mean No One!!!

Yesterday LeBron Had a triple double and then stated to the camera after the game that he was disappointed in his performance tonight. He said that he could have done better. Can you believe that? Done Better? Has LeBron lost his mind or something or has he just excelled to a level that is unimaginable. LeBron had a triple double, many players in their whole NBA career never have a triple double within their career stats. In my opinion I think LeBron has surpassed koby as the overall best player in the NBA hands down. If Koby is considered Superman then LeBron is Superman x 2. LeBron is certainly enjoyable to watch play the game of basketball.

Another opinion I want to leave you with is this, LeBron James at the end of his glorious career he will be labled as one of the best players that has ever played in the NBA and very possibly the best player that has ever played the game of basketball. Even surpassing one of my favorites, Michael Jordan.

Until my next post, thanks for reading, and keep sports on your mind.

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