Thursday, March 27, 2008


After 5 races into the 2008 Nascar season I guess it's about time for me to say my piece about Nascar. I'm wondering if any of you have seen the duo tandem teammates of the top Nascar and favored to win the championship drivers of Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson much this year? At least I know I haven't! Where are they at? Realistically they are racing this year, I do know that, I'm just being a little sarcastic about not seeing the two drivers much because last year they were all over the Nascar news. This year so far not so much. Why you ask? Is is maybe because they are now teamed up together for Hendrick motorsports? Is it because there are just better drivers this year in the likes of the points leader at the moment Kyle Busch or just behind him, Greg Biffle, Kevin Harvick, and Jeff Burton? Or could it be Jeff Gordon's and Jimmy Johnson's time to be just average drivers rather than the top drivers every year? I don't know, it could even be there cars causing them to not finish races good this year.
I could make guesses and assumptions all day long why JIMMY and JEFF are not at the top this year but the fact is, is they are not.

If that's not enough said about how bad the two drivers are racing this year then let me just say this. Johnson has had 3 of the 5 races on the pole position while GordOn has had one of the other pole positions and haven't either of them won a race yet this year. Johnson has had finishes of 27Th, 2ND, 29TH, 13TH, and 18TH while Gordon hasn't fared much better posting finishes of 39TH, 3RD, 35TH, 5TH, and 11TH. I can say one positive for the both of them though, and that is, at least they are finishing the races and not accumulating DNF's (Did Not Finish). If this coming Sunday's Martinsville race was the start of the chase for the Sprint Cup Championship Jeff Gordon and his teammate Jimmy Johnson would not be in the contention for the championship because as of right now they are on the outside looking in. Jimmy Johnson is ranked 13TH with 201 points behind the leading Kyle Busch and his partner in crime Jeff Gordon is bringing up his rear ranked 14TH with 208 points. To qualify for the Sprint Cup Championship chase the drivers have to be in the top 12 in points and they are not at the moment. Lucky for them the season is still young and there are 31 more races for them to turn it around.

If there is one driver out there that is making a case for the championship chase this year I believe that driver would be the new and approved no not the red # 8 but the green machine #88 of Dale Earnhardt Jr. He is sitting in the 5TH spot in the point standings with 96 behind Kyle Busch and has finished in the top 5 three times in 5 races. Dale Earnhardt Jr. could also make his case for comeback driver of the year at this pace he's on. Last year was the first year he didn't win any races all season. Moving to a new car and ownership may have put the spark back into his career. Way to go Jr!!!

Back to the subject at hand. Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson have owned the Martinsville race track the last 7 races with 6 wins. Jimmy Johnson has won 4 including the last 3 races run and Jeff Gordon has the other 2 so if the Hendrick teammates are planning to turn their seasons around, this weekends race at Martinsville will more than likely be the time. We will see!!!

I do believe that Gordon and Johnson are just too good to not make the Sprint Cup chase. In the end the two of them will be fighting for the Championship this year.

Until my next post, thanks for reading, and keep sports on your mind.

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